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As we are sure you are aware, advocacy, research and lobbying are extremely expensive, highly skilled activities and at present we are fully volunteer supported. It is the support of highly committed volunteers and donors which allows us to do the vital work which we have undertaken. No matter how small or large, your donation provides us with "financial fuel" and also importantly, with encouragement and we receive it as a blessing - thank you.

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Kathryn Stone OBE,

Commissioner for Parliamentary Standards

House of Commons




Communication by Email                                                                               


“General Debate on the persecution of Muslims, Christians and other minority groups in India, 12th January 2021, Fiona Bruce, Stephen Timms and others.


Dear Commissioner,


I write as a British citizen and would like to bring to your attention the above event presented as a “General Debate”, about which myself and my family have great concerns.


Firstly, a debate has a motion which is presented in a forum in which opposing sides of the issue have an opportunity to present evidence and facts which have been presented to them either by their constituents or other independent reliable credible sources. When the Chamber has had a fair and thorough exploration of all aspects of the motion, a vote is taken upon the motion and a consensus and policy direction determined.  In this manner all voices are heard and the focus is firmly on the well being of all British Citizens, with due regard to the Human Rights and Equalities Legislation, domestic and International. This “debate” does appear to be already prejudiced and architected without due concern for diversity of opinion and background.


I have observed that of late, both Chambers have on occasion become little more than platforms for vested interests to leverage Parliamentary privilege for the thinly veiled persecution and incitement of hatred of British minority communities and other Democratic nations, disproportionately Israel and recently, India.


The Hindu community suffered 800 years of very well documented Islamist violence (with many historical sources being themselves Islamic scholars), followed by almost 300 years of English, Scottish and Irish Christianist colonial violence and horrific human rights abuses, again well documented. It’s only recently that the indigenous population of India has begun the journey of recovery, to stand up from being on its knees, emotionally, economically and indeed civilisationally.


India’s neck has been under the knee of Christian evangelical barbarity for almost 300 years, 300 years of almost 80 million George Floyds.


The Anglican occupiers of India dismembered the ancestrally Hindu nation “transforming” the North Western limb into “Pakistan” where the Hindu population has been decimated from 23% to 3% with unceasing reports of daily atrocities. The same Anglican occupiers transformed the eastern borders into East Pakistan (now Bangladesh) where academic surveys and reports presented to the US Congress established that there is a missing demographic, a vanished population of 49 million Hindus.


If we add the loss of Hindu lives, directly attributable to the decisions of British Anglicans we arrive at a figure of almost 150 million Hindu souls lost, without taking into account the loss of life during and following the two World Wars where the contribution of Hindus and Indians was pivotal, and where an unacknowledged debt still exists.


Bearing this inconvenient Anglican-Hindu history in mind, the “debate” is inflammatory on a breathtakingly ignorant scale. The debate seems to be little more than an exercise in Hinduodium, an incitement to hatred of Hindus, and I would like to assert that this debate is a gross abuse of Parliamentary Standards. Its 2021 and our British society is facing heightened mental, and emotional challenges – it is vital that our taxpayer funded public servants must be held to a higher standard. I feel strongly that old fashioned “missionary proselytization by vilification of the heathen” is not the purpose for which our allegedly secular Parliamentary platforms are to be made available. Parliamentary privilege is diminished in this manner, such abuse must not be permitted.


I and many more Hindus, British and international, will be watching the debate, keen to audit the data and evidence, as well as to establish the validity of the no doubt large numbers of constituents who in times of COVID, multiple Sexual Abuse enquiries and an unprecedented economic downturn, have pressed their Members of Parliament to speak out against India and Hindus.


I would be grateful if you could note this as a formal complaint that these MP’s are in breach of the Parliamentary Standards and the Code of Conduct and hope that this issue receives your earliest attention.


I forward to hearing from you with regard to this “debate” and your thoughts on the actions, statements and behaviour of these Members of Parliament.


Yours sincerely



 Cc       Fiona Bruce MP,

            Stephen Timms MP


GHF Visionary Society

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How will you be remembered? Have you thought about what legacy you wish to convey to your loved ones? How will you impart your Hindu values and heritage to them?

When you leave a legacy to GHF through a planned gift, you make an enduring and meaningful statement about your most cherished beliefs and values. And you ensure that GHF's global Hindu advocacy will thrive and continue to meet the challenges and opportunities that face future generations.

Charitable giving reflects much more than the desire for tax benefits. But you can maximize income and tax benefits for yourself and your loved ones while supporting the causes you care about. Planned giving options are available at all levels of giving. To find out how you can create a legacy gift that is consistent with your estate plans, fulfills your philanthropic vision, and is tailored to your needs, please contact us.

We would like to recognize your commitment to GHF and welcome you to our planned giving recognition society, GHF Visionaries. The name reflects the forward-looking nature of GHF and the spirit of our advocates. GHF Visionaries is established to honor our loyal donors who want their voices to continue advocating for a strong Hindu future, a secure Bharat, and democratic values to benefit future generations.


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As a Free member, we’ll invite you to “DharmaSpeaks” (online Campaign and social events ) and offer you discounted tickets to GHF debates/conferences. You’ll also receive regular newsletters updating you on the work we’re doing to defend and promote Sanatan Dharma. In addition, members may be supported by the GHF if they are penalised for being Hindu. For instance, if you find yourself being targeted by a digital outrage mob on social media for having exercised your legal right to free speech, we may mobilise an army of supporters. If a petition is launched calling for you to be fired, when you’ve done nothing other than exercise your rights as a Hindu, we may help you organise a counter-petition. If you’re no-platformed by a university, we’ll encourage you to fight back and members of our advocacy team may be able to tell you what remedies are available to you. If you’re a student or an academic being investigated by your university for breaching a speech code, we may take up your case with the university. If you’re punished by your employer because you’ve exercised your rights as a Hindu, we’ll do our best to provide you with assistance or refer you to specialists who can help. 

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Silver membership is for those people who wish to be invited to all our online and social gatherings (“DharmaSpeaks”), join in Campaigns and who will receive discounted tickets to the GHF’s regular debates, events and Conferences.


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Gold membership is a special category for those people who want to play an active part in shaping the GHF. As a gold member, you will be consulted by the directors when it comes to big, strategic decisions and be invited to meet up with them, as well as members of the advisory councils, at least once a year. You’ll also be invited to all our social gatherings (“DharmaSpeaks”) and receive discounted tickets to the GHF’s regular debates.

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