BBC Erasing Hindu Maths from History

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Hundreds if not thousands of British Hindus have objected to the consistently biased and condescending orientation of the BBC, particularly when it comes to reporting on matters pertaining to Hindus and especially India. And yet nothing changes. The condescending attitude that "the BBC always knows more about Hindus than Hindus" persists, to our detriment.

One area in which the Hindu hating BBC has been consistently devoted to, is misreporting Hindu History and as a communications propaganda giant, its reach and influence is potentially devastating. Imagine if the BBC was still executing the Colonialist agenda - ie demean, vilify and dehumanise Hindus and non white, non Christian ex-colonials, how would it behave? The Mandarins at the BBC would use the age old three pronged colonialists strategy -

  1. Deny or erase any reference to pre colonial greatness and achievements
  2. Denigrate, dehumanise and demean at every opportunity
  3. Misappropriate and deny ownership of indigenous precolonial knowledge and wisdom systems.

At this point you may be thinking - "No way! Not Aunty Beeb!" but consider the following specific example, and then they write this@

.. this prestigious academy was in fact a major intellectual powerhouse in Baghdad during the Islamic Golden Age, and the birthplace of mathematical concepts as transformative as the common zero and our modern-day “Arabic” numerals.


Hindu Mathematics

All Hindus and maths scholars and historians are comfortable with the fact that the greatest gift to humanity of Mathematics appeared and was developed by Hindus.

So, if the BBC was a racist colonialist Hindu hating propaganda operation - how would it report this in order to achieve the above objectives?

We are putting the campaign together - watch this space.


The real Hindu story behind "Islamic Maths"


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