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The "Anti-Hindu" Indian State

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The evidence clearly indicates that the Indian State has been discriminating against the indigenous people of India, and especially the Hindu community, for the best part of 500 years. The "more Hindu" the greater the discrimination.


The Indian State discriminates against Hindus in the following manner:-

  • State access to Hindus Temple Funds, not to other Faith traditions
  • Hajj Subsidy
  • Teaching discrimination
  • The Massacre of Sadhus
  • The promotion from the public purse of non-indigenous colonising cults.

Provide Equal Rights to Hindus in matters of faith and religion by Passing Sri Satyapal Singh’s 2016 Private Member’s Bill pending in Lok Sabha in matters pertaining to :

  • Management of places of worship (Temples & Religious Endowments).
  • Entitlement to various benefits from Govt schemes, plans, scholarships etc.
  • Enabling teaching of traditional Indian knowledge and ancient texts of India in educational institutions.
  • Establishment and administration of educational institutions of their choice without undue interference of Government and its agencies.

The Indian government acts against UN Declarations and Human Rights Legioslation in discriminating against the indigenous peoples of India. 1200 years of Colonial devastation and discrimination one can understand but surely 70 Years of homespun "desi" human rights abuses is 70 years too much and wholly unacceptable.

Campaign in preparation - watch this space!


Last modified on Friday, 08 January 2021 21:29