Human Rights or Abuse of Local Democracy ?

The interference of British Labour politicians in the internal matters of India, the world’s oldest existent civilisation and the largest democracy, is blatantly undemocratic and inexcusable.

If Labour do not respect India’s democracy, preferring to engage in propaganda intended to incite and inflame, the consequences will be that Labours own claim to be in any way a democratic party, is utterly and completely undermined and the consequences will be far reaching.

The British political system of governance, by consent, rests upon the general publics acceptance of governance and taxation in exchange for an adherence to democratic principles. These are vanishing from the Labour Party at a frightening rate.

British citizens pay local and national taxes to empower politicians to serve British citizens and to improve the quality of life for their constituents. Council taxes are not paid to support Councillors in the pursuit of personal, non democratic objectives overseas.

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Dear Councillor Athwal

I have just read your letter to Boris Johnson concerning the "Farmers Bills".

I appreciate that the issue is of interest but I am not sure that it is the right thing for an elected member of Leader of Council in Redbridge, a representative of ALL of the diverse communities in our area to be using his position to write to the PM of Britain, requesting that he intervene in the internal legislative affairs of another democratic country. If you had written on a personal basis this would of course have been a different case.

In addition to the above, and as a representative of all of us, I assume that you would have consulted with a diverse group of constituents, considered all sides of such an incendiary issue, gathered data on the precise legislation clauses which you are objecting to prior to writing as an elected officer of the Council. I would be grateful for sight of your assessment. A fundamental part of Equality and Diversity is consideration of diverse often opposite positions.

Where you do not necessarily represent the views of the people of residents of Redbridge you would be wise to refrain from such actions in the future, otherwise it could potentially represent misuse of your Office and position. Further your priority has to be to address the pressing and urgent needs of ALL our local residents, not  pursue personal missions in your public capacity. 

Please do not misunderstand the position of many here. Yes the farmers and Govt have to sort this out between themselves. Unfortunately many other people, organisations and countries are using the situation for pushing their own agendas and the last thing any of us want is to import tensions from Delhi to Redbridge.

Yours upset

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