A Hindu is one who considers themselves to be a member of any of the Sanatana Vedic Dharma traditions and may include those self-identifying as Hindus, Sikhs, Buddhists and Jains, according to their free will. The use of the word “Hindu” in the following statement accords to this meaning.

For any Hindu who observes Hindu religious principles, being made the subject/target of any involuntary or Mandatory medical procedure including mandatory vaccination is a breach or denial of fundamental religious beliefs and rights. To be forcefully vaccinated or to be denied access to public services or to be discriminated against as a result of these religious beliefs is also a breach of fundamental religious rights and international law.

It is possible that Governments may seek to impose Mandatory Vaccination in the near future but such a draconian step must not be taken without adequate consultation and consideration.

GHF has been asked for guidance on both Vaccination and Mandatory Vaccinations and having consulted and referred to both Scripture and Respected Swami's, we are publishing the following document for consideration. This document has been provided to Government advisors and community leaders already but we would love to hear your opinions on this issue. If you would like to see the full Advisory note please click the button below.

A selection of key statements from relevant Hindu sacred scriptures, religious beliefs and understandings are presented to support the position.


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Exemption from
Mandatory Vaccinations for Hindus.

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