This House believes that the V&A's "Colonial Loot" Collection should be returned to India


"Speaking to British Authorities about the return of stolen artifacts and especially Indias treasures, is akin to speaking with Smaug, courtesy unrelenting coupled with the occasional glimpse of razor sharp canines." Pt Satish K Sharma

The V & A Museum which houses the ill gotten gains of the British East India Company, is an Alladins cave of Stolen Loot. Isnt it time to give back what is obviously not theirs? Reparations are clearly due  - Should they be Hard or as Rajiv Malhotra ji advises,  Soft? Who has the moral authority to adjudicate on this issue and where does the power to decide this matter reside? Does the fact that the British can repeatedly dismiss this issue out of hand, not demonstrate the existence of "White Colonialist Privilege"?

We at GHF think that its time that the British Hindu community engaged with this issue - Lets send our Devi Devtas home and give unfetterred access to our ancestral cultural and historic heritage. ... 

There are over a million Hindus in the UK, 3/4 generations of cultural investment in integration, cohesion, not to mention pouring taxes into the Exchequer! And yet it feels as though whenever we interact with the institutions or the Establishment, we are treated with contempt. How many times have political parties and Government departments made decisions, convened Committees etc without even mention the Hindu Community ? The Home Offices Hate Crime reports, Labours BAME review, CORAB's Religion Reports etc etc, the list goes on. The Hinduodic (Hindu-Hating) Caste Amendment was a classic example of how when it comes to matter, we are treated as a "Colonial Imported Labour Force" and treated with disdain.

So accepting that the Institutions of Politics, Education and Religion have a residual, thinly veiled colonialist contempt for Hindus, who is responsible and what are British Hindus going to do about it?