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Welcome to our website and thank you for visiting. We are in the process of fine tuning the site so please bear with us while we get it fully functional.Your participation is very much appreciated.


Thank you for visiting

Please do visit our Social network for Global Hindus at GHF Community and if you would like to support us please do subscribe to our memberships. Whether you are donating in kind - ie time, skills, or simply sharing our material, or supporting us with monetary support via donations, please remember every bit helps and time is now at a premium. India needs Dharma, Humanity needs Dharma and our mother the earth, needs Dharma. Thank you. Aumn.

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Ordinary Membership


You are a Hindu and are committed to pursue and uphold the principles and philosophy of Dharma as espoused by our shastras, sages and traditions. You are on your journey to reconnect with your spiritual traditions and the wisdom of your ancestors and you are ready to help support others on the same journey

As an ordinary member you will get:

  • GHF Online Newsletters
  • Can join and work with existing location groups and projects based on your interests.
  • Priority registration for the GHF events.

USD $51 per annum

Student Membership


Curious about Dharma or the GHF? This is the place to start. No real obligation, get to know us and our work and get to hear of our events.

As a student member you will get:

  • Same privileges as an ordinary member.
  • Work experience or Internship opportunities with GHF.



USD $15 Per Annum

Organisation Membership


You are a Hindu non-governmental organisation whose values and objectives are in line with GHF’s cause. You endorse the values and general principles of GHF.

As an organization member you will get:

  • Same privileges as an ordinary member.
  • Can nominate two persons from the organization as representatives.
  • Can advertise about the work of your organization in our events.
  • Can work in collaboration with GHF on existing projects or can start new projects.


USD $108 Per Annum

Life Membership

$2,500/50 years

You conform to the ideals and values outlined for Ordinary Membership listed there but you are more committed and want to do much much more.

As a life member you will get:

  • Same privileges as an ordinary member.
  • Confirmed and priority seat in our events.
  • Can ask for slot to present your ideas and work in our events
  • Use GHF resources to start new projects and groups.


USD $2500