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As a Free member, we’ll invite you to “DharmaSpeaks” (online Campaign and social events ) and offer you discounted tickets to GHF debates/conferences. You’ll also receive regular newsletters updating you on the work we’re doing to defend and promote Sanatan Dharma. In addition, members may be supported by the GHF if they are penalised for being Hindu. For instance, if you find yourself being targeted by a digital outrage mob on social media for having exercised your legal right to free speech, we may mobilise an army of supporters. If a petition is launched calling for you to be fired, when you’ve done nothing other than exercise your rights as a Hindu, we may help you organise a counter-petition. If you’re no-platformed by a university, we’ll encourage you to fight back and members of our advocacy team may be able to tell you what remedies are available to you. If you’re a student or an academic being investigated by your university for breaching a speech code, we may take up your case with the university. If you’re punished by your employer because you’ve exercised your rights as a Hindu, we’ll do our best to provide you with assistance or refer you to specialists who can help. 

As a free member you will:

  • Get GHF Newsletter
  • Get invitation to GHF events
  • Able to participate in GHF campaigns


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